Wessel di Wesseli, some words of interest

At the core of Wessel's teachings and beliefs stands the rule of preservation of energy, which he knows to be inconclusive. He believes that 1+1 can be 3 or more. Because we, humans, aren't just numbers you add up, we are more than a simple or even dead equation. On this page you will find concepts based on this principle and artistic machines or mechanical art if you will. You will see references to the perpetuum mobile machines. Although none of these things were ever built (except for small testing parts), he believes them to be more than just a possibility. Often described as a crazy loner Mr. di Wesseli has been relentlessly searching for answers in the field of the perpetuum mobile for more than 45 years, with many eureka moments along the way aswell as failures. So yes to many he must seem like a strange old man with a long white beard brabbeling about definitions of energy while he's enjoying a nice beer at a local café. But what if there's some truth in this apparent fiction? What if this man found a way to mechanically harvest energy? Free energy, lasting energy, world saving energy, wouldn't that be worth spending your life working for? Mr. di Wesseli has always lived at the border of society with virtually nothing to live from, working with whatever he could find, describing his own work as "art de pauvre" or art povera. finding new use for even the most ordinary tossed away materials and objects. And infact thats exactly what he's doing with science today, he's finding new ways to use ancient,respected to some even sacred mathematical laws.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

early concept

To my knowledge this is the drawing that really started it all
I recoloured it a bit because the blacka and white version wasn't all that.
If you check the sidebar you will find the 3D animations are based on this design.
offcourse animated movies don't proof a thing...but just imagine
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the dream put into concept. wouldn't this look nicer than all those steamtowers we have right now?
mechanics art and free energy molded into one
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this is probably one of the better ways to describe a eureka moment.
Above you see the clay pot being built, with the side getting thinner while the
volume grows and grows without adding extra clay.
Bellow you can see this translated into a working mechanical form
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This letter comfirms in a way Wessel di Wesseli's theory
it's written in dutch but for the non dutch people, the math is universal...
it's signed by Johan Springael, who was reluctant to see his name attached to this
piece of paper... but nevertheless he did so..
It is my guess that it's up to a new generation of thinkers to see what's possible and what's not
as right now Wessel is having troubles finding people to test his findings...
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envelope art

the previous two designs were enclosed in this pretty envelope

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